a new way to send and receive packages!

We are making aerial deliveries via autonomous vehicles a reality. Our drones are specially designed to transport packages of up to 8.8 lb (4 kg) over a range of up to 9 mi (15 km).

Whether it’s for medicine, food, or any other kind of shipment, we deliver directly from the sender’s office to the consumer’s door. Users can place orders from home or from work and can ship their packages quickly and easily, anywhere.

Our long-term focus is to minimize the need for ground freight, improving safety and reducing wait times, costs, and environmental impact.




We are building the future of delivery.

Less Spending

DroneMe is an efficient means to reduce last-mile logistical costs and procure better shipment traceability.

More Safety

DroneMe eliminates the risks associated with traditional highway shipping, safeguarding the quality of the payload without exposing operators.

Less Wait

DroneMe makes for faster shipping times by avoiding traffic-related delays, following more versatile aerial routes and using an automated management system.

More Sustainability

DroneMe respects the environment and causes significantly less pollution than conventional vehicles do.

How does it work?

It’s simple


The business or user specifies the shipping destination.



The drone autonomously picks up the package and carries it to its destination.



The recipient confirms successful delivery of the package in the app.


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